Essential Tips In Choosing The Best Goodride Tires

The Goodride tires company is a leading Canadian tire manufacturer. With tire designs ranging from Goodride trailer tires and farm equipment tires to sports tires and all season radials, Goodride tires offer a tire model to suit nearly any transportation or vehicle need. Innovative designs, high-quality compounds and industry leading manufacturing techniques ensure that every Goodride tires review is exceptional.


Tips In Choosing The Ideal Tire

Choosing a set of replacement tires can seem like a confusing, impossible task. Knowing how to read the sidewall of a tire is an important part of choosing the ideal tire. These tips should help you get started:

  • The first letter of the tire code is most often a ‘P’. This designates that it is a passenger or performance tire. Other options include ‘LT’ for light truck, ‘ST’ for special trailer and ‘T’ for temporary tires.
  • The following set of numbers provides the aspect ratio of the tire. The first number signifies height while the second number indicated width. In most cases, care should be taken to match tires and wheels to match the size of the stock tires for optimal performance.
  • The second letter designates the construction of the tire. In most cases, this will be an ‘R’. This is due to the popularity of radial tires. Other options include ‘B’ for bias belt and ‘D’ for diagonal.
  • The number following the construction indicator is the diameter. Common sizes range from 14 to 18 inches. However, tires are manufactured in sizes much larger or smaller for specialized applications as like 22 inch tires.
  • The last letter represents the tire’s speed rating. Most commonly, tires are rated with a Q, S, T or U. This rates a tire for safe use at various speeds up to 124 miles per hour. Sport or race tires are often marked with a Z designation. This means they are safe for speeds in excess of 149 miles per hour.

Using the sidewall tire code, you can always get an idea for what to expect from specified Goodride tires. The next step in choosing the ideal tire is to match it to your climate and vehicle type. Goodride tires manufacturer offers a variety of lines that are designed to match nearly any vehicle and climate imaginable. Popular choices include:

  • SV308

This high performance tire features reinforced walls for increased rolling resistance, a specialized v-groove pattern for exceptional moisture drainage and a silicon dioxide compound helps to reduce tire wear, increase traction and improve safety.

  • SW602

The special asymmetrical double-V shaped tread, cold-weather low abrasion compound and wide shoulders of this winter tire provide improved traction in snow, slush and ice. This results in better handling, faster breaking times and improved safety during hazardous winter weather.

  • SP06

As the flagship Goodride tires for passenger tire selection, these features thousands of miniscule sipes for reduced road noise, specialized multi-pitch pattern for improved traction and control and a long rib pattern for high speed stability and safety. The result is a tire for your car or van that is whisper quiet, safe and dependable for many miles to come.

These are just some of the types of Goodride tires available. Before buying tires, visit their website or other online sites for a more comprehensive list.


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